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For more than 41 years Quest for Learning has offered people of retirement age a rewarding opportunity to attend educational and enlightening seminars presented by accomplished people in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The six-week sessions are run by volunteers, so the cost is attractively low. You can sign up for Quest for Learning seminars that are offered twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall. The seminars you attend are held in The Fisher Parish House of The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity, 31 South Duke Street, in Lancaster.

At Quest you will discover a unique adventure in learning, along with the encouragement of mental stimulation and growth, the excitement of new knowledge, and the pleasure of gathering with new and old friends.

The next sessions will be those for Spring 2018 and you can check back here in early February to learn all about them and how to register for seminars you want to enjoy.




Click here to view the recent Fall 2017 schedule and the list of the people who presented seminars. Youíll see two pages to browse. You can easily enlarge them for easier reading. Use the Back arrow button at the upper left corner of your browser tool bar to return to this page. When youíre back, go to the Registration Form below to see how you will be able to sign up for your enlightening excursion in the coming Spring.




Quest meets for six-week sessions in the Spring and Fall. Each session is held on a Thursday morning from 9:40 to 11:50 A.M. and includes two 50-minute seminar periods and a Coffee Fellowship. The recent Fall 2017 sessions began September 22. The Spring 2018 sessions will begin April 5. There is a $15 registration fee that covers your two seminars and Coffee Fellowship for the six-week program and is for your full (or partial) participation in the sessions.

image012.jpgOnce you have selected the two seminars that you, and perhaps a companion, wish to attend in April, you can use the link below to see the kind of Registration Form that you can print out and quickly fill in. Be sure to print your name(s) and your address clearly in the space at the top of the printed form. If you donít have a printer, you can just copy the basic parts of the form on a piece of paper and send that in.

After completing the Spring form you would mail it along with a check covering a total that includes $15 for each registrant to:

Quest Spring 2018 Registration,

P.O. Box 11261,

Lancaster, PA 17605.


Click here to go to the Registration Form for the recent Fall sessions.




There are many nearby public parking lots and garages that you can use. In addition to the parking garage on South Duke Street, you can use the convenient parking garage on East King Street or a city parking lot that is in back of it and very close to the church on East Mifflin Street. For even more parking options go to: Lancaster Parking Authority .

Please do not park on lots at Trinity, which are private parking and not available to Quest.

We are thankful that The Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity has generously made the facilities of the Fisher Parish House available to us.